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Total Antivirus Defender

The best App for Android to protect your smartphone or tablet and keep viruses away...

Protect your Android - Keep viruses away from your device

Total Antivirus Defender: protection for your Android

Do you want to get the latest antivirus solution for your Android device? Do you want to check in a simple way if a virus (trojan, backdoor, spyware, ecc.) has owned your Android device? Total Antivirus Defender is the right Antivirus for you!

Key features of the app

Do you want further info? Good! Here are some of the main features of Total Antivirus Defender for Android

Complete protection for Android

Total Antivirus Defender offers you a complete security solution for your Android device

Block different kind of malware

Total Antivirus Defender can find and block different kind of malware (virus, trojan, backdoor, spyware, etc.)

Save your battery

Unlike other similar products, Total Virus Defender will grant to you security and protection without draining your battery.

Ready to use app

Total Antivirus Defender is a “ready to use” app to detect viruses, trojans, backdoors, spyware, and other malware

Real Time Agent

Total Antivirus Defender come with the innovative “Real Time Agent”, that keep Android device safe

PRO features

Total Antivirus Defender is available for FREE. But if you need more advanced scanning options, consider also the PRO version.


Here are some screenshots of Total Antivirus Defender for Android

The following is a video from Youtube, showing Total Antivirus Defender

Over 1,000,000 users have already downloaded Total Antivirus Defender

Over 1,000,000 users have already downloaded Total Antivirus Defender for Android and got all the benefits of our security and antivirus solutions. Now, you can get our new Android product, FOR FREE!

Alicia Barneres

“This is the most complete antivirus for Android! Very effective! I removed a trojan that haunted me for over a month! Total Antivirus Defender has succeeded where other apps have failed”

testimonial 1

Agana Shini

“I’m really pleased to be able to delete a virus on my smartphone that sent SMS without my knowledge. With Total Antivirus Defender I saved my money”

testimonial 3
testimonial 4

Rogério Carlos

“I was very happy to use Total Antivirus Defender. Great real-time agent, great scanning features, after testing FREE version, I downloaded the PRO and unlocked all advanced features”

testimonial 2

Jerry Rydell

“Total Antivirus Defender saved me! I had tried everything with no positive results! Then I launched a scan with this app, and BOOM! Virus removed!”

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